April 2017

I’ll be selecting the shortlist for the most excellent Stuart Croft Foundation Special Project Awards. Writers, curators, academics, get yee to the website and apply, pronto.



Come and listen to me bang on about rave and anxiety in an age of precarity. There’ll be Mark Fisher, a bit of Kierkegaard and a splosh of the Young Ones…



November 2016

I’ve just been confirmed as the writer in residence for Transition Gallery’s Speedway project in early 2017. I’ll be producing a series of responses that reflect on the philosophy of leisure, the psychogeographic state of this area of Hackney and human ingenuity in the face of rapid change. More information to follow…

September 2016

I’m pleased to announce that the book I wrote the introductory essay to – Dominic Myatt’s book of drawings: “No Kissing” – has just been published by MNK Press and launched at the Tokyo Art Book Fair.


You can buy a copy here.